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Put simply, sending business up and to the right by sparking lasting customer connections.

attract attention, earn loyalty, and grow into new opportunities

so that they can

show up with the right words & ideas in the right places

helping lifestyle-industry businesses

I’m an expert at understanding the customer mindset & helping businesses resonate. 

Great connections require audience awareness and a compelling message to convey. In today’s saturated market, strategy-minded creative thinking is the only way to earn a place in the consumer conversation.

Here’s where I come in...

On average, consumers see over 4,000 brand messages every day… and practically zero are asking for more. In fact, most consumers are looking for a mute button, saying they wouldn’t be bothered if 77% (!) of brands disappeared.

Different for the sake of it doesn’t work either, for that matter. 

Clones don’t create connections.

BUT, this is key...

The flip side to all that promise: success isn’t guaranteed and the stakes are real. So it’s no wonder that so many companies are tempted to mimic market leaders or buzzy challengers. I’ve seen it and I understand.

Business is a genre filled with people who spot an opportunity, drum up the initiative to chase it, then work hard to grow it and thrive in a world that’s changing by the minute. (Want to chat about business models, pricing strategies, or scaling? Count. me. in.)

I geek out about business.


(It’s a territory I call “strategy,” but here’s what that means...)

I work at the intersection of business and creative.

My clients get clear on their brand point of view, stop second-guessing every action, and attract the customers that become their best advocates.

sound like you? reach out.

• Businesses (large or small) with big ideas
• Multi-brand retailers and marketplaces
• Makers of great products 
• Anyone crafting consumer-centric experiences
• In-house creative, marketing & product teams, too

who I work with...

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• “The most analytical ‘creative’ you'll ever meet. Or, vice versa.”
• “Doesn’t fit neatly in a box.”
• “Keeps way too many tabs open.”
• “If Rory Gilmore met Sherlock Holmes…” 

I’ve been telling (and selling) brand stories for more than a decade.

After graduating from college (Harvard '09) and graduate school (American University of Paris '11), I worked as a magazine editor, then as a copywriter and brand strategist for solopreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

strategist + writer + big fan of growing brands

Hi, I’m Lindsey

I am based in Boston, Massachusetts but available to work worldwide.