Brand Reposition

Joss & Main

By late 2015, our business leaders had identified that the marketplace was shifting away from flash sales. Thus, a reposition to an everyday discount model was in order. In just 90 days, I helped shape the new brand using the following steps: 

  1. Gain critical customer insights: Analyzing demographics, sales information, and traffic data, I took the lead on building out 3 customer personas (more below). These revealed insights including our customer’s relationship to our category and her unique value equation. 
  2. Set an internal mission and brand values: With the foundation set, we developed an internal mission. Underlying that, I identified 3 key beliefs that had to ring true with every experience. 
  3. Define brand personality and experience principles: From imagery and product assortments to the shopping experience, tone of voice, and more, I identified 4 attributes that should be in every touchpoint.
  4. Create executional guidelines: With key brand ideologies in place, I then created tactical guidelines for voice, product assortment, style, photography, design, and promotions calendar.


Brand Launch


In late 2016, business leaders identified an opportunity in the marketplace: a site where the highest-caliber home brands could retail online while maintaining their premium positioning. I joined a small team charged with launching a new brand in just 90 days. We achieved this in 4 steps: 

  1. Understand the customer: Leveraging their understanding of the luxury market, an internal team defined 4 customer profiles by luxury level. Then, I personally explored each level’s motivations – their relationship to the brand, reasons they’d choose us vs. competitors, and other purchase levers.
  2. Establish brand proposition & core elements: From there, I developed the brand’s strategic positioning in 4 parts – worldview, mission, values/beliefs, and attributes.
  3. Define brand personality & experience principles: Informed by competitor benchmarking, I helped establish 4 principles to guide every brand experience. From there, we explored options for brand name; visual identity; UI; sales messaging; service experience.
  4. Create executional guidelines: With key brand elements in place, I then created executional guidelines for voice, visuals, customer service, product assortment, and UI. 



Brand Concept

The Ampersand Collective

In mid-2010, after identifying the unsustainable economics of traditional print magazines plus customers’ sustained interest in editorial content, I created The Ampersand Collective: an effort to make media content both compelling and profitable. It was envisioned as an endeavor that could…

  1. Generate revenue from relevant, actionable content
  2. Fortify the strengths of editorial content (storytelling, inspiration, and engagement)

… through curated, retail-funded editorial verticals.


Our brand position: The Ampersand Collective is the brand of lifestyle-based content company that captivates and fulfills its consumers and brand partners with hyper-rich editorial magazine spreads by: 

  • Curating collections of products into compelling, shoppable stories at competitive prices
  • Creating original, interactive, high-quality, and engaging content catered to vertical niche audiences
  • Unleashing editorial content from the shackles of advertiser funding using retail-based revenue streams