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Brand strategy and storytelling that attracts diehard customers 

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where consumers have countless options. To make the sale, storytelling is key to standing out.  

always, these are industries

often, these are

fashion, bridal, and/or home brands.

businesses that shape how we shop, live & express ourselves.


Here’s my approach:

Content themes and marketing plans that give your brand a fresh, engaging presence on every channel

bring your brand to life


Your brand’s voice, go-to phrases, and custom guides that build consistency and cultivate trust

build your brand toolkit


A point of view that sets you apart, sparks emotion in your audience, and sets your course for the future

define Your brand


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I am based in Boston, Massachusetts and available to work worldwide.

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• “The most analytical ‘creative’ you’ll ever meet. Or, vice versa.”
• “Doesn’t fit neatly into just one box.”
• “Keeps way too many tabs open.”
• “If Rory Gilmore met Sherlock Holmes…” 

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I’ve been telling (and selling!) brand stories for more than a decade. My words and ideas have driven millions of dollars in revenue – more than once on a single day.

a small-statured, BIG-time advocate of lifestyle brands

Hi, I’m Lindsey