Because stirring the right emotions sparks sales and loyalty.

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Brands like yours can have results like these...

I have over a decade of experience telling (and selling!) brand stories. More than once, my words have sold over $1 million dollars on a single day. 

•   A brand repositioning that grew sales 46% and new customers by 267%
•   Email concepts that achieved up to a 165% lift in click rate
•   A holiday campaign that drove 223% more revenue than the previous year
•   A direct mailer for a new brand awarded second-in-class nationwide to Jaguar, above Land Rover

But with the right approach,

For most brands, the path to big results and diehard fans often feels fuzzy, years away, or entirely out of reach. 

“Lindsey captured our essence and didn’t try to make us just like everyone else. We’re finally being perceived in the way we’ve been hoping for.” – Luxury perfume designer

“Hire Lindsey if you’re looking for someone who can listen to your story, understand your customers, and craft messages that connect them.”– Jude Connally Zimmerman,
Founder of Jude Connally

“Lindsey has helped me define the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of my brand in a way that is so much bigger than words.”
– Footwear brand founder

“Yes, yes, yes. You absolutely nailed my brand story. Mic drop.”
– Hollis Loudon, Interior Designer

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Companies that blend in quickly become commodities. (And that’s not why you’re in business.) 

Consumers choose brands that hook and hold attention.

From dresses to decor to dinner reservations...

With my background in magazines & e-commerce, I make brands meaningful.

•   “A small-statured, big-time advocate of brand as a business driver”
•   “Able to see both the big picture and the fine details”
•   “The most analytical ‘creative’ you’ll ever meet. Or, vice-versa.”
•   “Keeps far too many tabs open”

How my clients and colleagues have described me: 

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