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Scroll down for the three-pronged approach I designed to help my clients reclaim their time and build a brand that drives their bottom line.

• “Right now, producing content is clunky. I have very little confidence in what I’m creating.”

• “My team is doing the best they can, but we’re making it up as we go. We might look a little bit amateur.”

• “Our brand just doesn’t feel as effortless or authentic as it should. It’s like we’re playing dress-up in our competition’s clothes.”

• “I know a lot about a lot, but branding and marketing aren’t my specialities.”

I work with businesses – like yours – that sell, create, and curate incredible products. Often, my clients come to me saying things like...

My Approach

aka: your action plan »

You’ll make it feel like home, send out dinner party invites, host family traditions, and add seasonal touches.


aka: your core toolkit »

You’d pick your paint colors, buy key furniture pieces, and get clear on your overall style.


aka: what defines you »

Choose your neighborhood, the home’s architecture style, and its overall square footage.

First, you would...

Imagine you’re creating a home from scratch.

A helpful metaphor

Define your brand


The benefits

• A unique-to-you angle that magnetizes the right people, turning them into YOUR people
• A North Star vision to keep you consistent but nimble when change comes
• A brand blueprint that incorporates your business strategy and defines clear action 

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• Articulate your brand’s “why” and core tenets
• Map the competitive landscape – in your category and beyond it
• Develop a profile of your core customer
• Find the unique value your brand can deliver better than any other

how it happens

I will help you define and become fluent in your brand’s voice – by fine-tuning your vocabulary, creating go-to phrases, providing plug-and-play messaging, and giving you other custom tools.

Create a messaging toolkit


The benefits

• Writing is quicker-than-ever – and you’re 100% confident in the result
• Words that (finally!) encapsulate your business and set it apart
• Messages that capture and convert immediately, then build loyalty in the long term

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How it happens

Through great storytelling, we’ll articulate your clear brand point of view in fresh ways – without ever running out of ideas. Plus, a customer-first mindset will ensure that your brand expression always feels tailor-made for the moment. 

Say the right message at the right time

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Fresh, new ideas for growing your marketing presence and attracting diehard fans
• An action plan for how (and where!) your brand should show up 
Content themes that keep you relevant and bring your brand to life


My past and current clients include Wayfair’s lifestyle brands, an online luxury consignment business, a bridal startup acquired by Gap, Inc, and a fine jewelry designer sold in boutiques worldwide.

I’m a graduate of Harvard University (B.A. '09) and The American University of Paris (M.A. '11).

My experience

I have over a decade of experience telling (and selling!) brand stories. I started my career as a magazine editor writing about fashion, beauty, food, bridal, and home. 

From there, I transitioned into copywriting and brand strategy – where I’ve worked with solopreneur-run companies, the Fortune 500, and everything in between. My words have driven millions of $$ in revenue (more than once on a single day!).