Brand Strategy Tips: Start with “Why”

Framework used by emerging brands- free guide

So, what is “brand strategy” and why do we need it? Zoom out and consider the big picture of today’s brands and the competitive landscape:

  • What’s the purpose of a Warby Parker when there’s already LensCrafters?
  • How did Bombas gain such a following when practically no one is deeply passionate about socks?
  • How is Vacation Inc. creating status symbol sunscreen when there’s a bevvy of other SPF available at your neighborhood CVS?

Because, for the most part, we buy ideas – not products. According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of purchases are emotional. 

For brands, this means you can’t just talk about the features of the products you sell. Instead, you need to have a differentiated point of view or brand story. But, building a brand requires focus and a consistent message. So, how do you balance both? The answer is brand strategy. (P.S. Every piece of work I do starts with the brand’s strategy at the core.)

But, how do you develop a brand strategy? Simon Sinek says to Start with Why. (And I agree!) When you find your “Why?” you have a thread that connects how your brand shows up in the world – and helps you grow purposefully. It’s one of my favorite tools I’ve used in-house and with my clients.

What’s key to finding your “Why?” (which leads to your brand strategy)? Separating your tactics from your purpose. But often, that’s a lot harder than it sounds.

That’s why I’ve created a quick download that explains the Why, How, What Framework, including examples from brands you already know and ones that are getting major buzz. Plus, it has a few thought-starters for finding your brand’s “Why?”

P.S. If you’re a retailer, check out these marketing tips that can help bring your brand strategy to life in ways that are unexpected but fully consistent with your “Why?”